Today’s Solutions: February 08, 2023

Here at The Optimist Daily, we are always excited to feature solutions that elegantly address multiple problems at once. That’s why we were so pleased to interview Katie Diasti, the founder of earth-friendly period care company Viv for your V on our podcast, The Optimist Daily Update.

The Boston-based startup seeks to significantly reduce the waste and toxins that traditional period products generate (around 634 pounds of CO2, nine ounces of plastic, and 607 gallons of water per menstrual cycle) all while breaking down the taboos that surround the natural and miraculous body process of menstruation.

In the original interview, which we’ve re-released for our community’s listening pleasure, Diasti opens up to Summers and Kristy about how she is championing sustainable change in period products and discusses the particular challenges of being an up-and-coming female entrepreneur promoting a product made for forward-thinking menstruators in a traditionally male space. For the Viv leader, this means usually pitching to a room full of individuals who have never (and will never) experience even one menstrual cycle. 

Since the interview was released back in September of 2020, we are happy to report that Viv for your V has experienced even more growth and now offers organic cotton-based tampons, a plan she shared with Summers and Kristy on the podcast, among other period care products.

If you’re interested, please listen to the re-released interview and check out the all the other stories we’ve previously shared about the inspiring individuals and initiatives striving to eradicate period poverty and reduce plastic waste within period care, as well as other efforts that are focused on lifting the stigma and shame around menstruation.

Period poverty and education

This sanitary pad washing kit helps refugees tackle period poverty
Meet Ella Lambert, the 21-year-old student fighting period poverty
Mother-daughter duo opens first menstrual hub in the US
Periods for Periods uses design to combat period poverty
Irish grocery chain now offers free menstrual products to all
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The UK will eliminate the “period tax” on menstrual items in 2020
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These sanitary pads change color when they detect an infection
Victoria will offer free menstrual products in all public schools
Nadya Okamoto advocates for menstrual care for all. Period.
Companies are bringing menstrual products to women who can’t afford them

Plastics and periods

Britain’s push to take the plastic out of period products
Portable cleaner makes menstrual cups convenient and even more sustainable
This company is bringing sustainable menstrual products to developing areas
Eco Femme is a leader in promoting menstrual education and sustainability

Destigmatize menstruation

Mood days offer menstruating employees a chance to take a break if needed
How brands and non-profits can destigmatize menstruation
Indian company tackles taboo by introducing paid leave for periods
How period-tracking apps can empower women by fighting the menstruation taboo

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